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Young Justice Hot Story: "Taken Chapter 2"

“Where are they?” asked Superboy. “We’ve looked everywhere!”

“I don’t know.” said Wally. “Not even a single clue as to where they are.” They sat down next to each other on the beach in despair. Then they heard the roaring of a boat. Conner looked up.

“It’s Robin in a…what is that?” he asked. Wally frowned and squinted.

“It’s his BirdBoat.” he said. “Don’t ask why he calls it that. I’m guessing it’s because Bats calls his boat the BatBoat.” Robin pulled up next to the beach.

“They are nowhere in Gotham. I’ve checked everywhere, and even hacked the security cams. And they’re not in Star City or Metropolis.”

“How’s Kaldur doing?” asked Wally. Then water gurgled and parted. Kaldur flew out and landed on the beach.

“They are not undersea in any location I searched. Aquaman is doing everything he can and has alerted the League. Everyone is doing everything they can except for Batman and Wonder Woman.” Robin, Wally, and Conner looked up with a questioning expression on their faces, so Kaldur elaborated. “They are on vacation in Hawaii and left strict orders that if they would are bothered, everyone would regret it. And they would have still said no even if someone went missing. Oh, and Zatara, Green Arrow, and the Martian Manhunter, are also missing. It appears the Cave is still not a secure as we would have hoped.”

“What happened to them?” muttered Robin, remembering back to the mission.


“Team, Continue reading

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Hentai Justice: Conner’s gals – Chaper 2

Chapter Three: Mysterious circumstances

Conner sat in front of one of the communication terminals in the base and typed in a certain chain of number commands to reach a certain individual. The terminal rang and contacted resulting in the display monitor showing the one and only Man of Steel himself.

“Good evening, kiddo. How’s everything going at the base?” Superman asked with a smile on his face.

Conner felt warm inside, it was nice to have father and he couldn’t feel it would be anyone other than him.

“It’s going well, about to go on a mission in a few moments. I called to ask for some ‘help.” Conner said unsure of what label these new emotions that were swirling around his head for Megan.

“What kind of help? You can tell me anything, I’ve got plenty of time.”

Conner nodded and went first. “A lot of things are new to me, but what I want to know about is….love? What is love, Dad?”

Superman was a little taken back but not surprised. “Well it depends on what type of love you’re feeling at the moment, love for a family or towards a girl you feel affection for.”

When he mentioned that, Conner immediately thought of a green skinned martian he spent unforgettable moments with. “What’s it like? Have you ever been in love with someone?”

Superman had a sad smile on his face then straightened up. “Twice, first when I was young there was a childhood friend named Lana Lang, I think we both loved e Continue reading

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Hentai Justice: Conner’s gals – Chapter 4

Cheshire had chosen a well hidden spot to take position and contact HQ through her built in communicator in her mask, she had felt her body and senses become compromised during her recon of the school building. She didn’t have a clue what sparked it but if she had to guess then it would have to be chalked up to an unknown ability amongst one of those teen heroes.

‘I bet my bottom dollar it’s that superboy in their group. I’ll have to be twice as careful now.’ Cheshire thought before receiving a comm link signal being established. “This is Cheshire, send me the two other closest members as backup; namely Black spider and Hook. I…I am not able to do accomplish this task on my own.” She said and waited until receiving confirmation. It was truth however, her own body couldn’t be trusted if she were to encounter Superboy, in fact she might just give in to those urges if he were up close.

“They’re on their way right now to the rendezvous point near you, make sure to take care of Roquette.” A mysterious voice buzzed back to her before cutting out.

“Understood.” Cheshire thought in full resolve while she waited for her backup to arrive.

Where Conner was at…

“I know I shouldn’t be able to feel anything, but wow I like this big time.” Conner breathed leaning against the school wall while Megan was on her knees with luscious green breasts fully displayed with Conner’s dick softly pressed between them.

Artemis was in his left arm leaning against while Megan did her business, being a shapeshifter had its advantages. She shape shifted her br Continue reading

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Young Justice hentai: Conner’s gals – Chaper1

Sometime ago in Cadmus labs before the events of Young Justice…

“You want to incorporate this formula into the boy’s DNA? What purpose does this serve?” Doctor Desmond asked warily to the glowing holo screens of the board of the light.

“It’s still experimental for all intents and purposes, but it serves a great function indeed. It is to instill the ‘Superboy’ with a superpower very few of the Meta humans possess; it is based on pheromone senses and that in theory may give enhanced sensory reflexes. Imagine if the ‘weapon’ could anticipate his opponent’s next move and counter before sustaining any damage at all, the possibilities for combat are virtually limitless despite that this formula is still very experimental.” One of the figures in the hologram screen finished explaining.

“Very well then, though if it hasn’t been tested yet how will we know it works?” Desmond asked holding the beaker of pinkish purple liquid.

“Do you question our judgment, doctor Desmond?” Another one of the hologram figures said acidly.

Immediately Desmond shook his head and apologized, after listening to the instructions he left the meeting room and proceeded to the ‘Project Kr’ room.

“Pheromone based sensory, huh? I wonder if will make the boy more ga-ga over the opposite sex rather than predicting an enemy’s attack. Only time will tell I suppose.” Desmond entered the room where the ‘superboy’ remained in stasis sleep while the Genomorph gnomes continued their work of feeding him information.

Pressing a few commands on the keypad beside the large tubular case pod that contained the teenage clone of Superman. After opening the pod Desmond poured the liquid that contained the formula into a syringe with a kryptonite tipped needle and gently injected the boy’s right forearm with it. He watched as the p Continue reading

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