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Hentai Justice: Conner’s gals – Chaper 2

Chapter Three: Mysterious circumstances

Conner sat in front of one of the communication terminals in the base and typed in a certain chain of number commands to reach a certain individual. The terminal rang and contacted resulting in the display monitor showing the one and only Man of Steel himself.

“Good evening, kiddo. How’s everything going at the base?” Superman asked with a smile on his face.

Conner felt warm inside, it was nice to have father and he couldn’t feel it would be anyone other than him.

“It’s going well, about to go on a mission in a few moments. I called to ask for some ‘help.” Conner said unsure of what label these new emotions that were swirling around his head for Megan.

“What kind of help? You can tell me anything, I’ve got plenty of time.”

Conner nodded and went first. “A lot of things are new to me, but what I want to know about is….love? What is love, Dad?”

Superman was a little taken back but not surprised. “Well it depends on what type of love you’re feeling at the moment, love for a family or towards a girl you feel affection for.”

When he mentioned that, Conner immediately thought of a green skinned martian he spent unforgettable moments with. “What’s it like? Have you ever been in love with someone?”

Superman had a sad smile on his face then straightened up. “Twice, first when I was young there was a childhood friend named Lana Lang, I think we both loved e Continue reading

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