Flashgives Artemis rough and fast anal fucking… and it’s not Kid Flash!

Young Justice Hot

Hentai Picture: Flashgives Artemis rough and fast anal fucking… and it’s not Kid Flash!
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Megan aka Ms Martian gets wellcomed by men from Earth in all of her fuck holes!

Young Justice Artemis Hot

Hentai Picture: Megan aka Ms Martian gets wellcomed by men from Earth in all of her fuck holes!
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Ms. Martian undoubtedly has something else to showcase other than her cooking abilities

Free Young Justice Porn Movie Thumbs

Hentai Picture: Ms. Martian undoubtedly has something else to showcase other than her cooking abilities
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Anal creampie for busty Artemis – what can be better!

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Young Justice Porn Story: Taken – Chapter 1

Young Justice Porn Story: Taken – Chapter 1

Zatanna lay in a cell sprawled on the floor, stripped down to bra and underwear. Thoughts raced through her head. Does the Team know she’s here? When will they rescue her? What if her dad finds out that she was captured while on a mission he reluctantly let her go on, if the only reason he let her was because Robin was with her? Will the League get involved? The the door opened. Her captor walked into the room.

“Ugh.” she said. “What do you want?”

“Come on.” he said roughly. “You have some friends you might want to see.” she froze with fear. Her captor shook his head and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. He lugged her to the supposed ‘living room’ in the prison place. He threw her down on a chair and spoke.

“Recognize anyone?” he asked. Her eyes opened in fright. In the same room, she saw Artemis, also stripped down to bra and panties, and M’gann, still fully clothed.

“M’gann, how come you’re still fully dressed?” asked Zatanna.

“Only I can take my clothes off. They’re literally pat of me. They’re organic, remember?”

“Do either of you know what happened?”

“The only thing I can tell you is this is not a mental simulation. Oh, and I can’t contact Conner, Wally, Kaldur, Robin, or any of the League. Not even Uncle J’onn.” said M’gann in despair. Artemis shook her head.

“I don’t know how we could possibly get out of this.” she said.

“Will the Team come?” Zatanna asked. M’gann frowned.

“I don’t know. Probably. I mean, I’m sure Conner won’t stop looking for us until we’re found, and then he won’t leave my side for some-odd hours. That’ll almost definitely be the same case for Wally, and Robin if Zatara doesn’t take you back home, Zatanna.” she said, lowering her eyes in a meaningful way. Zatanna looked shocked.

“There’s nothing, I repeat nothing, going on between me and Robin!” she protested, looking at the accusing faces of M’gann and Artemis.

“Sure. Anyway, Zatanna.” said Artemis. “How much energy would it take to teleport the three of us back to the Cave…fully dressed?”

“Well, I can do one of them, but whichever gets chosen, I’d have to go to the infirmary in the Cave for a few hours. Which one?” Artemis and M’gann looked at each other and frowned.

“Let’s go.” said Artemis and M’gann, although Artemis was still frowning.

“If Wally sees me like this…” she said.

“Oh, no you don’t.” said their captor. “No one escapes me.” He lunged towards them.

“Uh-huh…Uh…no.” said Zatanna. “Ecitsuj tnuom ot flesym dna simetra nnag’m!” Smoke filled the room. When it cleared the three girls were gone.

“I’ll get you. You won’t be able to escape me. Not while you have tracking devices in you.” he smiled deviously. “Then I’ll put you under my control, and you won’t be able to run away! Mwahahahahaaaahahahhaaaaa!”

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Young Justice Porn Story: Conner’s gals chaper1

Young Justice Porn Story: Conner’s gals chaper1

Chapter Two: At the beach

Superman’s POV during Conner’s first interaction with him…

(At the Cadmus building wreckage)

Landing down on the ground before the demolished building of the Cadmus lab center, Superman looked at the teen sidekicks of Aquaman, Batman, and Flash standing with a unknown teenager in a white ripped jumpsuit.

The man of steel’s eyes zoomed in on the lost looking youngster and his eyes widened in shock when he realized he was looking at a mirror image of his young self.

‘What in the world…?’ He thought right when his fellow leaguers all came to the site and landed around the surveyed wreckage.

The boy and him made eye contact and Superman could tell that part of him was that boy, but just what exactly was his name?

After a few more silent moments the boy spoke up and held a tore piece of clothing up from his chest that contained the ever so famous ‘S’ Shield. “I’m….the superboy,…a clone of Superman.” Superboy said causing a wave of stunned surprise and shock to go around the faces of the league.

‘Just as a thought… my ‘X-ray’ vision eyed his genetics…he’s… another me… no, a younger me….like he is my….son.’ Superman was taken back. He had never had a son before, granted the boy said he was a clone, but Clark didn’t view him as such. He had seen clones before, they were identical copies of copied individual with little identity, but this boy…this superboy…appeared to be a child. A child of Superman. The people who stole his blood and did this will answer to him later, but right now….a boy needs a father.

Walking forward slowly while some his fellow league members discussed amongst themselves about what to do next, Superman approached the bewildered looking Superboy quietly.

Clark had to ignore all the awkwardness, all the strangeness this whole even was emitting, he didn’t know how to handle this, but he had to try for this lad’s sake.

“So….” He started out awkwardly rubbing the back of his head. “…Do you have a name other than Superboy?” He gently asked putting on a sincere expression.

Superboy was almost taken back by this encounter, for the longest time he had dreamed of meeting the Man of Steel face to face, but never thought this day would come so soon.

“I uh… don’t have one,…Superman.” He looked lost and confused before he shied away a bit, but Superman placed a hand on the lad’s shoulder causing him to look him straight in the face.

“Then how about I help you find one? Find a home, and place to belong?” Superman said with a fatherly smile, truthfully this was one of the biggest challenges he had ever taken, but the look on Superboy’s face said it all. That’s when Clark knew that he was a child belonging to a father. “And by the way, you don’t have to call me, Superman.’

The boy had a smile on his face, one of hope, eagerness, excitement, and heart.

It was in the night that the sidekicks showed their defiance at their recent lack of respect and trust given to them by the League, it was there that Batman and the rest of the Leaguers all agreed on a solution; the formation of ‘Young justice’. Then Superboy went with Superman to Smallville to meet his ‘grandparents’ and live out in the farm house lands, receive a name and a birth certificate as well being added to Superman’s karyotin family tree. The fortress of solitude was indeed a very interesting place, Superboy was taken there shortly after receiving his name; Conner Kent or rather Kon-El.

Those past days were the happiest Superboy had ever been in his brief life, he didn’t even recognize what happiness felt like until he was freed from Cadmus.

Now however, he was feeling a similar run of pleasant emotions, one of which being ‘love’ with a certain green teenage Martian laying with him in her bed.

“Hm, another dream. This time it was when I met Dad for the first time…” Conner reminisced with a pleasant smile on his face while looking up at the ceiling of Megan’s room in thought.

He didn’t need super hearing to notice the rustling of the said green gal snuggling up to his chest awake and with a heavenly smile on her face.

“Morning.” She said in an upbeat way.

“Morning, sleep well?” Conner asked with a smile.

She delivered her reply with an upfront kiss on the lips, Conner threw an arm around her bare green back and continued on with their morning liplock.

“Does that answer your question?” She gave her gingerly smile before frowning to a serious expression. “Where do we go from here, Conner? Should we tell our friends?”

Conner looked to his side in confusion, he didn’t know what to think at this point, one night of passion that may have indefinitely changed things forever and all he knew was he didn’t want to let her go.

“I…I don’t think that’s a good idea, well maybe not now anyway…I dunno, what do you think?” Conner asked looking lost for an answer.

Megan placed a finger to her chin in thought then did her usual ‘thing’ whenever she got an idea; “Hello Megan. I know what we should do. I mean it may or not work, but if we could set up Wally and Artemis then tell everyone later on, there wouldn’t be any trouble with teamwork.”

Conner nodded, he indeed knew his speedster friend to be wild with reactions, both good and bad, but Wally would certainly be the only one having a problem with Conner and Megan being together.

“That just might work.” Conner reassured right before a giggling Megan bounced on her bed to leap into his arms like a girlfriend to her boyfriend would, thus causing the boy of steel to stumble off the bed with Megan in his arms giggling.


After the destruction of Amazo; a very dangerous android that somehow imitates superpowers, the team thought it would be great if they enjoyed a day at the beach shortly after.

Superman felt very proud of Conner for coordinating with his teammates so well that he successfully dismantled the said robot in such a short amount of time. The day had started out bad when Black Canary schooled the boy of steel in hand to hand in front of the others, he would have been a little more pissed off if Megan hadn’t calmed him down a bit when he tagged out with Kaldur.

Now here they were all, minus Wally who had to intend his first day of his school’s second semester, at the shore of the beach set up with the usual beach party equipment.

“Hello Megan, we should go the beach more often! This place is great!” Megan spoke out excitedly pointing to the clear blue waters of Happy Harbor’s beach.

Robin then made a mock gesture of honoring a fallen comrade. “And now some words for our poor teammate.”

“Poor Wally.” Megan sympathized out of the fact that the junior speedster would be missing out on the beach fun, she didn’t know enough about high school to know the troubles Wally would be dealing with today.

‘Why does he always wear sunglasses?’ Conner thought to himself as the group began their sunny afternoon of beach partying.

From volleyball to burying Superboy underneath a chunk of sand, the Young Justice crew lived out a couple of hours until Miss Martian made a loving look at Conner. He picked up on it and nodded to her, his pheromonal ability was still experimental at best and yet he didn’t know how to use it, but he didn’t need it to hold the green gal in his arms.

Using his super strength Conner used one hand to lift up a chunk a beach sand and dumped it on the lying form of Aqualad, it was his turn to be buried afterall, but Superboy decided to kick it up.

“Whoa!-Hey!” Kaldur noticed all too late when a boulder sized glob of sand avalanched on him. Robin was sitting across on a towel when he noticed and started laughing.

“I’d better go get the pale and bucket then, hehe.” Megan said as an excuse to go with Superboy to a secluded spot near some large beach rocks.

This didn’t fool Robin however, the boy in wonder in swimming trunks and shoulder towel arched an eyebrow. “Couldn’t she have just used her telekinesis to unbury you?”

“Still being crushed here…Boy wonder…and also a few crabs are gnawing on my ears…” Kaldur said waiting to the young detective to snap out of his detective mode while a handful of beach crabs continued pinching Kaldur’s ears.

Where Conner and Megan were at…

Wrapping his broad arms around her slender yet athletic green shoulders, Conner gently grabbed the back of Megan’s head to pull her into a loving liplock.

Her arms were hooked around his neck and her mind fully was immersed in making out with her super boyfriend, nothing could have distracted them right now, it was doubtful that even another attack by Mister Twister would catch their attention.

Her red lips were massaging with his and soon her mouth opened up a bit to let Conner taste her sweet tongue on his, as the two continued their lovemaking a small worry was rattling around in Superboy’s mind.

Reluctantly removing his mouth from hers Conner looked at her with a smile. “I think Robin is already on to us, my superhearing detected his wondering about why you didn’t simply use your telekinesis to dig out Kaldur.”

She giggled inwardly. “If it comes out then it comes out, bound to sooner or later, but I wouldn’t worry about Aqualad. He’s Atlantean, so his skin is very dense plus he has enhanced strenth, he’ll get out himself out probably.” Megan said gently rubbing the side of his facial features with her left hand.

“I wasn’t worried about Kaldur, I just didn’t want Robin coming over here and ruining this.” Conner said before pulling a blushing Megan to his face once more to engage in more steamy French kissing.

Minutes later Megan felt her yellow swim shorts peel off via Conner’s hands, down and down they went until her bare green womanhood was shown, her face was beat red now.

Softly parting her inner thighs Conner placed his right hand onto the warm moist flesh of M’gann mornz and started rubbing strongly along her folds. This caused her breathing pace to kick up a little, Conner could feel her moaning inwardly while he kept his mouth on hers.

His hand continued masturbating her now very sensitive and moist womanhood when his other hand moved from her back to her chest to now grasp one of her pert breasts. She gasped harder and her back arched slightly while Conner went on with his ministrations, the feel of her jade green nipple could be felt through Conner’s fingers when he slid his hand underneath her yellow bra top.

“Mmm!” Megan bit her lip as he went on, then Conner caught her by surprise when he pulled from her mouth to place his own on one of her now exposed nipples. Nipping and sucking on it while massaging her lower regions Megan felt her voice rising, but restrained herself so they wouldn’t attract anyone over here.

The feel of his tongue and lips on her breast was almost too much, but she held it together and spoke out a few words to him nearly reaching climax.

“Here. Now.” She spoke with great sexual urge and looked into his eyes with lovingly pleading ones.

Conner wasn’t sure it was a good idea considering they were in public and their teammates were nearby, but then again she’s green and wearing yellow, and Robin probably already had his suspicions. So in other words; to hell with it.

“Definitly.” Conner said letting her shift her bra up so that both her breasts were fully exposed.

Conner then shifted the slight opening in his swim trunks and released his fully erectile manhood from it’s confines, Megan was now thinking naughty ideas in contrary to her usual innocent nature, she turned around and got into a doggy position.

Wriggling her cute green rump she watched Conner sweat with anticipation, feeling his pheromones kick in fully he dove right in to her sweet teenage splendor.

“Here we go…!” Conner placed both his hands on each cheek of her petite butt and guided his manhood to her opening, with a gentle thrust he inserted himself into Megan’s womanly depth.

“Ooohh!” Megan bit her bottom lip in excited joy. Conner repeatedly yet gently drove himself into her snatch, her hips steadied the pattern of thrusts he was giving to her suctioning womanhood as they continued their doggy style sex moment.

“Oh Conner..!” Megan’s body lightly undulated in sync with Conner’s thrusts, her hair now messy from shaking along with herself, the feel of him inside her out of love was pushing Megan ever closer to a blissful finish.

It was then Conner hunched his upper body over so that he was deeper and closer as well as able to pull her into a deep loving kiss while he continued.

‘This is…this is amazing! He’s amazing! ..My superboy…my love…” Megan thought to herself as his pace quickened and soon she felt her orgasm wash over in waves of rippling pleasure.

‘Oh Conner!’ She thought telepathically instead of physically crying out.

‘Megan! Oh!’ Superboy thought in orgasmic unison right before his hips gave one last thrust into her now contracting snatch. His mouth was wide open in wordless euphoria as he began spilling the contents of his nut sack into her Martian womanhood.

His hips thrust and undulated several more times into her still climaxing pussy as the remaining amounts of cum finished depositing into her.

He slumped over along with her and got into a cuddling position on the beach sands, they laid there together for some time until they shared another loving kiss before getting up and redressing themselves before heading back to their teammates.

“Hehehe, I think I have some sand in my butt crack.” Megan giggled while they walked together hand in hand, of course they’d make sure to let go by the time they were close to their friends, but the two of them were in too good a mood to worry about anything at the moment.

Megan turned her head to the side to look at Conner’s profile, she wondered something very important. ‘Should I just say ‘it’? I want to scream it off the top of mount justice, but would Conner say it too or maybe it’s soon for those words?’ Megan thought when they reached the spot where Robin was now being buried underneath sand by Kaldur.

“This is for taking your sweet time digging me out and laughing at the same time, boy wonder.” Kaldur said sitting on top of a large sand mound burying the boy wonder from the neck down. He may be the most cool headed one of the group, but he was not above sweet revenge.

“…Sore….sport…plus it was totally worth it” Robin stammered still trying to get himself out of the sand pile. He eyed the two other super teens from below the sand pile and instantly knew something was going on with them, but it was not his business to ask or tell anyone. Secrets were secrets for a reason and he figured they would reveal whatever they have going on to the rest of the team soon enough.

Conner and Megan found this funny and started laughing, Megan convinced Kaldur to let him go and the four enjoyed the remaining time they had at the beach until it was high time to return to base.


Assembled in the briefing center the four superheroes stood across from Batman and Green arrow, from the looks of it they were about to introduce whoever it was that was behind them.

“Team I would like you to meet your newest member, she’s a proven warrior and archery master among other things.” Batman declared signaling a green clad blonde girl wielding a custom built bow and resembling Green Arrow to come into view.

“Say hello to Artemis, she’ll be part of your team from now on.” Batman finished when Artemis noticed Superboy ahead of her and smiled.

‘Mmmm, that boy.’ She thought before proceeding to introductions with her new team.

End of chapter

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Megan gets incredibly horny when watching pics of her friends fucking – she is not going to suck Robin’s cock even if he has shoot two loads in her mouth already!

Young Justice Zatanna Hentai

Hentai Picture: Megan gets incredibly horny when watching pics of her friends fucking – she is not going to suck Robin’s cock even if he has shoot two loads in her mouth already!
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Wonder Woman will train these young studs how to fuck a real woman personally!

Artemis Young Justice Hentai

Hentai Picture: Wonder Woman will train these young studs how to fuck a real woman personally!
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If not Megan then Pison Ivy – looks like Robin is a big fan of green skinned redheads!

Young Justice Hentai

Hentai Picture: If not Megan then Pison Ivy – looks like Robin is a big fan of green skinned redheads!
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Beastboy nails this milf queen liek ther is no tomorrow!

Young Justice Hentai

Hentai Picture: Beastboy nails this milf queen liek ther is no tomorrow!
Wheresoever you consider in Young Justice section you evidently will clap eyes on lushy stern green Dutch dumplings, meaty lank legs, smooth stomachs, fearful bubbies and oozingrents and gaps feeling up to to tip! Cum loving babe bitch outfitted for a fucking drools all over a dick, has her love box fucked and drinks jizz after it’s spewed! We carry on with Young Justice: raw instances of anal, oral and traditional sex and some powerful threesome scenes to go with the habitual fuck galore!

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